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Five Best Positions for Well-Endowed Men

Some women are gifted with big bosoms, as some men are well-endowed. The average size of a penis is 5.7 inches, but some are blessed enough to have a larger-than-average size. While many will think that having a big penis is all the glory, it can also bring anxiety as it comes with some difficulties. One of the challenges they face is some women get intimidated by it as it might bring pain during intercourse rather than pleasure.

Men with a big penis should often be cautious and mindful during intercourse so they won’t hurt their partner. So instead of thoroughly enjoying the experience, they have to keep this in mind. Here the best sex positions that’s best for men with a big penis:

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Yes, the cuddling position while sleeping can be great in sex as well. You and your partner will lay on your side. The woman should be facing away, and the man pressed against her back. It’s like the doggy style but with less intensity. The man will have less power on thrusts, so it won’t cause the vagina much pain.

Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the woman has control of the depth and speed of penetration. The woman will be on top just like the cowgirl position but will be on 180-degree spin. The man will have less range in motion as his pelvis will be pinned down by the woman’s thighs. You and your partner can also play around what would add pleasure while doing this position.

Lotus Pose

In this position, the man will sit upright with his legs crossed, and the woman will sit on top, facing him. The woman’s legs will be wrapped around his back. The woman will also have control of the depth of penetration in this pose. You can adjust this by either the man or the woman straightening his legs.

lotus pose

Standing Doggy Style

The traditional doggy style can be painful for the woman since she has no control over the penetration. However, by the standing variation of this position, the woman can manage how deep the man can go by closing and opening her thighs.


This is an intimate position as you and your partner are lying down facing each other. This also prevents intense penetration, the woman can also control this using her legs. The woman can straighten her legs, or wrap it around the man’s back. This will depend on you and your partner’s preference.

Don’t forget to communicate with your partner on what your preferences are. Communication is also key to great sex.…

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The Importance of Visual Stimulation for Your Sex Life

As health experts and psychologists have mentioned the importance of having a quality sex life, people are obsessed with some methods claimed to be able to enhance the quality of such experiences. Some of them follow the rules and end up being in the happiest phase of their relationship while some others still need to struggle to achieve the goal. Many of those who belong to the first group suggest adding visual stimulation, like watching adult videos that Xvideos offers, to trigger greater curiosity and libido.

Studies state that the method indeed work. However, note that not all people react the same about the suggestion. Studies show that male’s and female’s brains respond differently to the stimulation, and they need to come up with a way to make sure both have positive advantages. But still, visual stimulation right before your intimate moments is advisable by the experts. You can either invite your partner for a hot night by watching adult videos together and practice what you have seen. Another method often involves buying sexy clothes if you are a woman. Either way, let us depend on the statement stating that visual attraction is the biggest turn-on.

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Better Foreplay

Visual attraction, or visual stimulation, refers to the act of visually attracting your sexual partner right before the intimate moments. As conventional people do not really care about this phase, you should remember that it is very important to have quality foreplay to reach better sexual goals. At some point, men are the ones who benefit significantly from visual stimulation. However, it does not mean that women cannot enjoy seeing their partner’s naked body. Remember that there are no one-fits-all formulas that guarantee satisfaction, and it is your job to communicate the matter with your partner.

Better Orgasms

Can you guess what you will get once you have better and hot foreplay? Yes, the condition can lead to better orgasms. This aspect is crucial for both men and women that you need to make sure you and your partner reach this phase. Forget those myths about g-spot. The truth is that not all people have one. Better foreplay and communication are the keys to quality sex life and better orgasms.

Stress Management

Have you ever heard the statement that those with better sex life are the ones who end up happiest? Studies have proven this statement scientifically. For that reason, if you aim for a happier life with better stress management, having quality intimate moments with your partner is what sex experts would suggest.…