Easy Solutions to Delayed Ejaculation During Sex

Not being able to finish after more than 30 minutes of sex can be exhausting, embarrassing, and awkward. Only being able to get off with your own hands can also make your partner feel insecure and unworthy, because they feel like they are not able to satisfy you. So, what is your problem? Why can’t you finish even after a mind-blowing sex?

There’s a lot of possible causes to this. It could be caused of medication, even a flu medication can affect your ability to ejaculate. Another common cause is the abuse of alcohol or drugs, which has been proven to cause impotence and ejaculation problems. However, most people experience this due to performance anxiety and due to the fact that before they started being actively sexual, they tend to masturbate one too many times and so the body is used to being satisfied manually.

No matter the cause, here are some solutions you can try out.

Postpone Masturbation

We know that this is a very hard thing to do. But instead of watching all day, you can try waiting for the time when you and your partner will have sex. The built up tension will help, because it’ll feel more satisfying and your body will think that it’s time to ejaculate at last. Then, your body will get used to it and it’ll be that way since. It takes a lot of patience, especially if you and your partner don’t see each other often or you are too used to masturbating on your own.

Masturbation is actually healthy, but do it too often and your body will think it doesn’t need sex to ejaculate. Proportion your masturbation with sex, so that your body will think it needs both. You can also ask your partner to help with the tension. Dirty talking or cybersex helps, since it’ll make you more ‘hungry’ and imagine more about you and your partner instead of what you see in porn sites.


Cut Down The Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is experienced by both men and women. Usually, their goal is being able to satisfy their partner instead of satisfying themselves too. They get too focused on it that they can’t satisfy themselves, which is why sometimes men cannot ejaculate and women cannot orgasm. A simple solution to this is really having a balance of satisfying both you and your partner. Communication is key to relieving performance anxiety.

Tell your partner what makes you feel good and ask what you have to do to make them feel good, vice versa. This doesn’t just concern positions and foreplay, but also the emotional stance before, during, and after sex. For example, a lot of people actually find it more satisfying if they get a cuddle session after sex instead of just the rush-and-go kind.…

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Tips for Building your Sexual Confidence

In most times having sex for the first time can be nerve wrecking. Also involving yourself in sex after staying for a long period without sex can cause the feeling of insecurity. You can stay for long without having sex because of some reasons like divorce, break up, loss of your lover or failure to meet the person to love.

Some people go through anxiety or feelings, low self-confidence and fear when they don’t have a lover.  There are tips that can assist you to overcome sexual shame giving you the confidence to achieve sexual confidence. Below are some of the tips proven to assist you to feel more confident in your sexual relationship.

Learning from The Past

couple cuddlingWe all know that relationships are for providing a promising start. All lovers put an effort to do things better than they did before. But with time things change.  As lovers, you should look at your past sexual experiences. It will assist you to know things which worked perfectly in your relationships. Having clarity within your boundaries and your needs will help you to improve your sexual relationship.

Communication Is the Key

The key to building a successful and a healthy sexual relationship is by having good communication. You can become more attractive to your lover by speaking up confidently. Let your lover know your needs and desires.  For you to gain what you want in your sexual relationship you should speak up effectively. Additionally, you should also make your lover feel more special by appreciating her or him.

Incorporating Humor

There are times when you will find sex to be more complicated and intimidating.  More so, it can as well be embarrassing, unintentionally hilarious, messy experience. It’s something that happens even with the happiest lovers. We tend to forget that sex should be more of a connection, fun, and pleasure. As lovers, you will make things easier by incorporating humor into your sexual relationship.

Knowing What Can Give You Pleasure

couple caressingMost of the sexologists think that having masturbation is the primary key for one to have great sex. This will assist lovers to identify what turns them on to feel pleasure and orgasm. For lovers to have more confidence, they can reacquaint themselves using their bodies. If you want to build your sexual experience, you may start by reading sex-positive books and also watch sex DVDs that are instructional. In additions, you can also build your sexual confidence by getting involved with sex-positive professionals.…